Scrambled Eggs and Melba Toast

Looking for healthy, filling breakfast? Me too. I would also like something easy, hot and tasty.

This is what I came up with for myself this morning:

Scrambled eggs with melba toast and yummy toppings(Specifically: blueberries, cherry jam, soy nut butter, and chocolate spread). Look how colorful it is!

Really easy and whole food. Not much to make except the scrambled eggs which you can adjust to your liking. If you’ve never made scrambled eggs before, as my high school Food and Nutrition teacher told my class one afternoon years ago, you’ll never have an excuse not to make breakfast again! It’s much easier then you think: Heat a small frying pan over medium heat greased lightly with Pam or olive oil. Personally, I whisk two eggs, a couple tablespoons of soy milk and a dash of salt in a small bowl with a fork. Then, I pour the contents into the heated pan. As the eggs begin to set, I begin to scramble them with a spatula until all eggs seem cooked and no longer runny.

Next up, I really want to try some of Chocolate Covered Katie’s pancakes for one. I’ve been eyeing them up and although they don’t have as much protein as the breakfast I made today, her recipes sure do look sweet and delicious and of course, smothered with chocolate.

And just for some eye candy I included a photo of my Cherry Bomb Chocolate Cake(recipe coming soon):


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